Friday, July 14, 2006


Back in second grade I remember the school nurse demonstrating on how cigarette smoke is bad for our lungs using a cardboard robot that smoked a cigarette. I’ve been searching for one for years and I finally ran across one just a few weeks ago.

This simple teaching tool really worked and that crazy robot really smoked a cigarette! It must have made an impression on me since I never took up smoking.

Now if I could only get this robot to at least cut back to just one pack a day!


Dan Goodsell said...

this may be the greatest item ever! I love that it is a robot and the way they styled him is so cool.

Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, they did a great job creating this teaching tool and I think after the demo I went home and started hiding my parent’s packs of cigarettes. As I can remember, the tar and nicotine really made that paper lung look nasty. I’m tempted to make this robot smoke, but he’s in mint condition and never been used.

Todd Kauffman said...

too fun