Friday, July 14, 2006


Kirk’s latest post over at the Secret Fun Blog about old school school boxes inspired me to dig out the two that I have. The yellow one is from my Kindergarten days and I just recently unearthed it from my Dad’s workshop. After the school year Dad must’ve saved it from the trash and for the past 30 years it’s been holding a bunch of sandpaper. Unfortunately the lid is gone, but I’m glad is still exists! The second one I found in a flea market, but I remember having this one in the second or third grade.

Do you remember how exciting it was when you visited the store to buy your school supplies? I think we were mailed a list from the school of recommended supplies that we would need for the grade we were going into. After picking out pencils, erasers, rulers and glue it was time to pick the most important thing, the school box. I remember stacks and stacks of them at the store and it was always a hard decision on which one to pick.

I like the bottoms of both of these boxes with the Safety Patrol and the Knock Out Litterbugs messages.


Mike Middleton said...

First your dad had nails in a Planter's can and now sandpaper in a school box! What a multitasker!!

Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, thanks to Dad's workshop I've found some cool old stuff he's been using as containers. I noticed an old Pringles can from the 80's that he's using for tacks, but it's cut in half :(

Kirk D. said...

Woah, I can't believe you have those! Wonderful examples. I think that jungle animal box is the exact one I was referring to in my post.

Lebanon packaging corporation huh? I should look them up.

Tom Gill said...

Are you my long lost brother or something??!

I had those boxes and the Spooky Magic book! I remember well the animal box (I'll bet I can still dig it up) and the ships look familiar too.

Great stuff - thanks for sharing!

Todd Franklin said...

Hmm... You just might be a lost brother!

Amazing you've had some of the same things I've posted. Now, I'll be really spooked if you had the ROM toy and the Dean Martin record that I just posted. Thanks for the visiting!