Friday, July 28, 2006


It was hard to believe that Saturday would be our last day at the Con. The first two days flew bye and this day wasn’t going to be any different. At least we were in the correct line to get inside this time and they let everyone in a half-hour earlier!

We visited the Vanguard booth to meet Basil Gogos the extraordinary monster artist that was responsible for some of the best Famous Monster Magazine covers. He gave me some art tips and signed an old FM along with his new book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos.

Before lunch we had the pleasure of meeting Kirk Demarais, the creative force behind the Secret Fun Spot
website, the short film Flip and the author of the spiffy new book, Life of the Party A Visual History of the S.S. Adams Makers of Pranks & Magic For 100 Years! I ordered mine and you can do the same by clicking here. Kirk has done an amazing job and everyone will be bowled over with a wonderful wave of nostalgia from this book.

Photo by Kirk Demarais
Amazing, but true I’ve never met any of the cast members from Star Trek and luckily we had the opportunity here at the Con. The lovely Nichelle Nichols was signing photos and helping to promote a new action figure of her character Uhura. She was very nice and pleasant!

Over at the Dark Horse booth we picked up a Toucan Sam vinyl figure from their new vintage Kellogg’s line. He’s well made and will go perfectly with our collection of vintage vinyl ad figures.

I got a few things signed by Moebius and an amazing sketch in my sketchbook. It was cool meeting him especially since I’m a big Tron fan as he did some design work and storyboards for that film.

Speaking of Tron, I couldn’t leave the Con without meeting and getting a signed photo from the beautiful Cindy Morgan
who played the duel role of Lora and Yori in Tron.

They were showing off some of the items for their upcoming auction over at the Profiles in History booth. We snapped a pic of the original Mighty Joe Young armature that was animated by Ray Harryausen and they also had one of the mini Atommobiles from the classic Disneyland attraction Adventure Thru Innerspace.

For us, the 2006 Comic-Con was coming to a close really fast. We took in two more panels, the Shag panel and the Spider-Man 3 panel. The Shag panel was tiki-cool as he moderated and gave a fun slide show about his background and how he became known as the artist Shag. The Spider-Man 3 panel was fun too and as a surprise they brought out the whole cast of the upcoming movie. My main thing was to see and listen to Sam Raimi. Besides talking about Spider-Man he also gave out some good film making advise and talked about an Evil Dead remake.

For us the Con was over because of an early flight back home the next morning. Every Con is different and this one was about meeting people, from seasoned comic and movie veterans to up and coming talents that will and are making their mark on the pop culture landscape. We really had a wonderful time.

Since Shag put us in a tiki sort of mood, we ventured down to the Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge at the Gaslamp District for some good food and drink. Mmm, the Mai Tai drinks were yummy!


Mike Middleton said...

Thanks for telling me about seeing the atommobile. Very cool! So, how's Spidey 3 going to be? Will Gwen take the bad taste of seeing Venom show up?

Kirk D. said...

Thanks for reminding me that Gogos was there. After we talked I went over and bought his book and got it signed. I love it.

(thanks for the plug too!)

After you showed me your Tucan Sam, I told Mike Becker about it. He instantly went over and bought one. So because of you Mike has another toy in his collection!

Todd Franklin said...

Mike -- Yeah, I'm not sure about Venom either. Maybe he'll be done in a horror movie style.

Kirk -- Cool that we helped out the COF! He was very nice and we were glad to meet him. Also glad you got your Gogos book and met the master of monster art!