Saturday, October 31, 2015


Just one last post before Halloween 2015 is dead and buried. First, I want to thank everyone who stopped by this month and checked out all of our Halloween posts. Thanks for the comments, likes, retweets and lurks! I hope you enjoyed it.

This was the last Neato Ghoulville Halloween countdown. After ten Halloween countdowns filled with 500+ blog posts, I believe it's time to end the madness. It's been fun transforming this blog each year, but it's time to permanently bury Neato Ghoulville. Next year, I'll still post some things to celebrate the orange & black season...just not everyday.

For fun, here's a look back at some Neato Ghoulville banners and creations I made for the blog during the ten countdowns.



John Rozum said...

Todd, I'd like to be able to say "say it isn't so," but I completely understand. As you know, this was also my 10th Countdown, and I approached with the same idea in mind. I know I'll keep administering the Countdown to Halloween site, at least for a couple more years, but am not so certain about my own blog. It's gotten to the point where it's taken over my actual ability to enjoy and participate in the holiday, and with the attempt to only include movies I haven't posted about in previous Countdown's I'm keeping myself from revisiting old favorites during the Halloween season.

Ten is a nice round number and you've done commendable work. It's been an honor to have participated with you from the beginning.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks John! Yeah, we've been in the Halloween trenches for all these years and it's been a lot of fun counting down with you! You're right, it does take away a big chunk of time out of October. The countdown was a lot of fun all of these years but for this imaginary town it has run its course.

The same goes to has been a Halloween honor!