Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Any kid that shows up on Halloween wearing this Jaws 19 costume will get all of our candy!

Welcome to the future kids! It's October 21, 2015 or better known as Back to the Future Day! Even though I haven't noticed any flying cars, people dressed in brightly colored spandex or kids floating on hoverboards, I'm very happy to be here.  

So for my contribution to this special day is this totally fake Jaws 19 Halloween costume! If Jaws 19 was really in theaters we would certainly see a kids Halloween costume in the stores. Anyway, I needed something to post that would fit both BTTF Day and the Halloween countdown and my photoshopped Jaws costume was the perfect choice.

It's so cool that Universal made a fake trailer for their fake movie! Now the one I really want to see is Jaws 8!

Here's the original prop poster artwork by Tim Flattery that sold in 2011 for $8000. Talk about an excellent "future" investment.

I was checking out the original USA Today prop newspaper and noticed the review for Jaws 17. I guess they were really cranking out those Jaws movies and the reviewer just hadn't caught up to 19 yet. I guess that will be in next weeks paper. 

Well that's all I have for BTTF Day. Hope everyone enjoys the future. Now I'm going to go and hydrate a pizza and enjoy an ice cold Pepsi Perfect! See you in 2045!

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