Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Not to worry true believers, this is not an imaginary story or a what if... I’m proud to present the Clown Prince of Comics, the Destroyer of Universes and the Drawer of Squiggly Knees as part of Stretch Monster Week, the one and only Fred Hembeck! (APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE)

Fred was nice enough to render this snazzy drawing of the one we honor all this week and he did a bang up job. It’s nice to see Stretch smile for a change since he’s always frowning. I love how Fred made him look like he’s going to jump off the page.


For fun I decided to mess the drawing up and add a little color to reinforce that jumping off the page look!

Did you know you can get your very one Hembeck original to hang on your wall? That’s right, Fred will do pretty much any character for a really low price. Heck, there so cheap you can buy one for Grandma Gertrude and your Uncle Sal. You can check ‘em out over at Fred’s site Hembeck.com and while you’re there check out his cover reinterpretations, they’re really something else! I’m going to eventually get my own, but first I need to figure out what cover I want reinterpreted.


Rozum said...

Fred's comics commentaries on various aspects of the DC and Marvel Universes are favorites of mine. I'm glad to see he's still out there.

Now I've got to decide on who I want him to draw.

Great posts on the stretchos too.

Mike Middleton said...

You sly dog! You didn't tell me you were getting a sketch from Fred. Great choice!!

Steven Altis said...

If I'd been commissioning a sketch from Fred Hembeck I never would have thought outside the super-hero/comic book box. Cool idea! It opens up a world of possiblities about what other characters you could ask for.

As part of Stretch Monster Week maybe you could open the floor to SM fan art from your readers. Or would that be opening up some flood gates that you'd rather leave closed...

Todd Franklin said...

John - Yeah, Fred's a great guy and really easy to deal with. His Brother Voodoo always cracks me up!

Mike - I'm a sneaky one!

Steven - I would be open for that and it would be fun to see what people would come up with. Of course it might be kind of late for this week. I might do a sequel SM week down the line.

Rozum said...

Brother Voodoo was a character I was strangely drawn to as a youth,m and Fred's Brother Voodoo stories inspired me to do one called "Brother Voodoo's Pal Jimmy Olsen" when I was in college. If I ever find it, I'll post it.

Todd Franklin said...

John - That's sounds great! Hope you find your story. I'm sure many Brother Voodoo fans would love to read it!