Sunday, February 25, 2007


Since Stretch Monster week will be ending in just a few minutes and as we get ready for just a plain old boring week. I just want to thank everyone for stopping by and checking out all of these crazy posts about my favorite toy, Stretch Monster.

Also, I want to thank Fred, Heather, Kirk, David, Heather, Mark, Tony, Tim, Brandon, Dan, Jason and Mike for helping me with information, photos, artwork, faux items and promotion.

Stay stretchy Stretch Monster fans!!!!!


Steven Altis said...

I don't think that I'm overstating my case when I tell you that Stretch Monster Week was one of the most awe-inspiring things that I have ever witnessed in my entire life! The amount of time and research that went into this was phenomenal. Loved all the old pics, the Stretch Monster murder mystery, the Stretch Monster 'coulda-beens' and all of the guest contributions- Stretch Weeble and Stretch-Ade are classics.

My hat's off to all of you guys!

Waffle Whiffer said...

Great job, Todd! This was a really fun week!

Todd Franklin said...

Steven - Thanks for your nice comment and I'm so glad you had a fun time during SM Week! I really appreciate the kind words!

Waffle - Thanks a bunch and also thanks for your cereal box image. It made the week more complete!