Friday, February 23, 2007


This is such a peaceful Christmas photo with a nicely decorated tree surrounded by dollies, a toy doctor’s kit, a Mickey Mouse Club playset, and a STRETCH MONSTER! RARR ARRGHH!!

Oops, sorry about that. I kind of got carried away. The Stretch Monster in this vintage photo from 1978 has a name and his name is Spencer and he belonged to a girl named Heather. (Not to be confused with the Heather from Stretch Monster Kid Snapshot #1.)

You can read all about Spencer on Heather’s blog, The Valedictorian of Bottom Feeders.


Kirk D. said...

That image is beautiful.
Stretch AND the Weeble Mickey Mouse club playset? Somebody was very nice that year.

Your knack for finding SM content amazes me.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks for the Weeble id on the Mickey Mouse Club playset.

I'm amazed too, because I was worried I wouldn't have much.