Thursday, October 01, 2009


Greetings Halloween fans! Start gutting those pumpkins ‘cause Neato Coolville has been transformed once again into Neato Ghoulville. I hope your trick or treat bag is a big one ‘cause our town will be serving up treats every day this month.

If you’re a brave soul, you might do some trick or treating over on our spookiest street Weird Hollow. Vlad has once again opened his castle for KRYP-TV and Weird Hollow will also host the second annual Monster Head Races contest. Scroll down for details.

Once you get tired of strolling our streets, make a point to visit the Countdown to Halloween blog. This is your official countdown headquarters where you’ll find the ultimate list of blogs celebrating the holiday of Halloween.

Be sure to stick around ‘cause we’re going to have a hot time in the old town this month!


Enter the second Monster Head Races contest for a chance to win a prize! Last year’s race was a roaring success and Mole Man was crowned the Monster Head Races champion. Mole Man is back to defend his title and race against a whole new batch of horrible heads.

Since this will be the first Halloween without Forrest J Ackerman and to pay tribute to Forry, this year’s prize for the Monster Head Races will be a signed issue of Famous Monsters. From 1966 is issue #42 with the exciting Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman cover by Ron Cobb.

I witnessed the Ackermonster sign his name on the lower left corner of this issue during the 1996 Science Fiction convention, Archon 20 in Collinsville, Illinois.

If you would like a chance to win this monster of a prize, go “head” on over to Weird Hollow and pick the monster head that you think will win the tournament. Everyone is invited to enter the contest. Don’t delay, ‘cause you only have until Oct. 5 11:59 p.m. to enter. Then watch the races all month on Weird Hollow every Tuesday and Thursday to see what monster head will be this year's champion!

Ghoul Luck!


John Rozum said...

Again, Mr. Mayor, you promise fun and excitement all month long, and I know you'll deliver. I'm looking forward to stopping by every day all month long. Eventually you'll get tired of me pounding on the city gates and give me one of those keys to the city.

Shawn Robare said...

Love the new header Todd. On the way home from school, I'll be sure to take the short-cut through Coolville, and hopefully will muster the courage to stop by Weird Hollow as much as possible. Vlad doesn't bite tourists does he?