Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oh no Donkey Kong is hiding Pauline inside a haunted house! Yikes! Let's see if Mario can rescue her.

Too bad they never made a Donkey Kong video game based after this idea. No not the Word Search or Find What's Missing, but the haunted house theme.

Ok, just for fun I got out my box of virtual crayons and added some color.


Shawn Robare said...

I love that the artist/designer added the pieces of the monster under the table. I thought the severed head would make it more disturbing, but it actually lightens up the scene a bit. Weird!

cinemaphile82 said...

Just saw this.. I had this Donkey Kong coloring book,and one or two others that I bought from an old drug store as a little kid. I remember loving the art from them,and up until now had yet to find one. Could you send me a PDF file of the page scans,plz?

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Just got ahold of all four original DK coloring/activity books for $34 shipped. They have different covers,with an 'authorized edition' stamp at the top..the contents inside seem to be similar to what you have,(the pic of Pauline on the operating table is in one).They all seem to go in order,each telling a different part of the story.One has them trapped in a tunnel of love carnival attraction,one has Mario being rescued by Pauline on a rollercoaster.... cool stuff.

(by the way,I'm the guy who posted above,asking for scans).

Tiffany Wiseman said...

I'm looking for the book where Pauline either dreams about or winds up in another world where the creatures make her their queen, and she tries to find her way back to reality. Does anyone know which book this one is from?