Saturday, October 10, 2009


Where was Carl Spackler when we needed him?

Every October, at our old house, the first lady and I always put out a nice harvesty display in the front yard as seen in this 1998 photo taken the day after Halloween.

One evening after a weekend trip, we noticed all of our pumpkins were spread around the front yard. My first thought was, “those darn prankster kids.” After examining the pumpkins we were shocked to see they were hollowed out and missing all of their gooey guts. We could tell from the teeth marks that some type of critter gorged themselves on our soon to be Jack O’Lanterns.

We had no choice but to buy another batch of pumpkins and set ‘em out again. Sure enough our pumpkin bandit showed up once more and this time we caught the little furry booger on video.

Even tho the groundhog and some of his buddies ate the rest of our pumpkins I did manage to save two that I carved into Jack O'Lanterns.


John Rozum said...

In our old neighborhood it was the squirrels that would eat everyone's pumpkins. We could probably put them out here, since there aren't many squirrels thanks to the coyotes. As far as I know, coyotes aren't fond of pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Neato indeed. Looks like that groundhog won't have to eat again until next spring. He's huge! All those darned carbs...

Anonymous said...

Those little jerks!

Steven A. said...

That groundhog was probably surprised to stumble across a yard full of pinatas just waiting to be busted open, but he wasn't going to question his good luck.

Todd Franklin said...

John - But what if those coyotes are really werecoyotes?

Anonymous - I'm sure he had a good hibernation that winter.

Dane - They were at least cute jerks!

Steven - Yeah, and he invited his buddies to the party.