Thursday, October 22, 2009


Get ready to open those Trick or Treat bags ‘cause here comes some Kodachrome treats courtesy of Major Pepperidge. That’s right, the good Major has once again sent over some handpicked Halloween slides for all of you good Neato Readers out there.

Let’s take a look at this group from 1959. Wow, that was fifty Halloweens ago!

Here’s Little Miss Princess getting her photo made just before she goes off to school. I bet she’s filled with excitement for the school Halloween fair!

Looks like the other kids on the block are lining up waiting for the school bus.

Is there a reason the fireman isn’t standing next to the Devil?

Ah, those darn flame retarded masks are so hot and uncomfortable.

The Witch and Donald should look over at the Devil, ‘cause he apparently knows how to stay cool.

You wear your face on top of your head.

Waiting for the school bus is such a boring drag. Hurry up bus!

The kids are getting restless. Oh wait, it looks like they see the bus coming.

I guess Pumpkin Girl’s mother got the idea for her costume from this Good Housekeeping article.

If Pumpkin Girl was pushed over, I wonder if she could get up?

Once at school, the kids find their place in line.


Oh that Ricky and his robot spaceman costume. He’s been talking in his robot voice all morning! C’mon kid, give it a rest.

It’s apparent that Little Miss Princess doesn’t like how Bobby the Wolf smells.

He smells like a combo of Greasy Kid Stuff, hot rubber and Log Cabin Syrup.

Now the parade line is moving. The kids will soon be zigging and zagging around the school. Why? I don’t know, but for some reason this is what mid-century kids do at school to celebrate Halloween.

Just a few moments after this photo was shot, Jailbird Johnny tripped over his ball and chain taking down five kids and the teacher with him.

Good thing Caveman Kid doesn’t live in North Dakota. Brrr...

“Oh my, what mother would dress their child in that costume? That boy will be scarred for life.”

Yep, that’s Gary back there ready to enter the door. Poor Gary, he just wasn’t the same after wearing the Easter Bunny costume.

He really wanted to be Frankenstein, but his mom thought he would be the cutest little trick or treater in his bunny suit. This was the day kids started to pick on Gary and they never stopped. He was picked on thru elementary, junior high, high school, college, the army and even at work. Poor poor Gary.

Sniff sniff sniff. Yep, Bobby the Wolf still smells bad.

The Devil, the Ghost, the Gypsy and the Headless Hobo take up the slack at the end of the line. They better hurry up or they’ll miss out on the popcorn balls and apples.

The Headless Hobo doesn’t need any of those things, so it’s probably not a big deal.

Overall it looks like it was a swell day at the Halloween school fair back in '59.

Thanks again to Major Pepperidge for suppling these fab slides and be sure to visit his vintage Disneyland blog. It’s called Gorillas Don't Blog and it’s like taking a trip back in time every day.


Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, love the commentary (and the closeups)!

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Stephen said...

Classic. I love the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Very cool blog you got going on here! Linked ya!

Dane said...

The captions really make it, but those are darling pictures.

Heh, "flame retarded" masks.

KW said...

ha ha! i like that pumpkin girl costume. i wonder how she carried her candy pail.