Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today, I’m happy to welcome guest blogger Larry Williams, who is sharing his homemade Ghoustbusters video from the 1980's. Larry sometimes haunts Weird Hollow as Scary Larry on KRYP-TV and he is working on a top secret project for the ghouly TV station. Not to let the two-headed cat out of the bag, I’ll just pass it over to Larry.

Take it away Larry -

It was the late 1980's and my son Logan, was five years old and a huge fan of anything having to do with “Ghostbusters.”

As I watched him play with all those toys in his official G.B. jumpsuit, it dawned on me how much he would love a homemade VHS tape of the cartoon series for his birthday. From that the idea of filming our own live-action version of The Real Ghostbusters grew. Enlisting my brother Tim, we shot the footage of ourselves as the characters in our parent’s basement. Later, my wife Penny suggested we re-film it but with Logan in the lead role. A new Ghostbuster was born!

Thanks for sharing your video with us Larry!

It puts me in the mood to watch some Real Ghostbusters! Speaking of Real Ghostbusters I hope everyone has been visiting Branded in the 80's. This fellow Halloween countdowner has been celebrating The Real Ghostbusters all month showcasing his collection of ghost/monster/creature cels from the show. When you visit be sure to pick your favorite ghost/monster/creature so you can enter the The Real Ghostbuster Contest to win the first season DVD of the show!

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KW said...

wow! nice job! so you did this before computers?