Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Now that was a Pow! Bif! Bang! of an October! Whew! I can't believe the Halloween countdown is over. Actually, I can't believe I've put together seven of 'em! I really appreciate all the Neato Readers out there!! Thanks so much for all the emails, comments, follows and shares!

A big thanks to Tim Williams for pushing the levels of weirdness to new heights this season with Castle Vlad! Another big thanks to Glen Mullaly for sponsoring this year's countdown and supplying two neato art prints for prizes! A special thank you goes to the first lady of Neato Coolville! She's always been a big help during the countdown, especially with her patience.

Good night and remember to be neato ghoul to everyone!!!

Say goodbye to Hector the Ghoul!


Happy Halloween to all! Soon Neato Ghoulville will turn back into Neato Coolville, but first enjoy this Halloween rhyme from a 1940s Jack and Jill Magazine. 


The Force was strong with this kid on Halloween night! Instead of buying a cheap-o Ben Cooper Yoda  mask he opted for the more pricey Don Post rubber mask. Even though it probably cost his parents $40 extra, he made the right choice. I dig the simplicity of using a brown bath robe to complete Yoda's look. He reminds me of that kid in E.T.   

Whoa! Yoda has a third eye!!

I'll be adding this photo to the Growing Up Star Wars flickr group! In the few years of its existence, the group has more than 1500 members and over 1000 images from 1977 - 1985! Recently, GUSW was mentioned on io9! (Link will be added once io9 is back online.) If you haven't by now, check out Growing Up Star Wars for tons of vintage Star Wars Halloween photos!


Boo! Hope I didn't scare you, but I have two random ghost items to share.

The first is an English trading card from Mars Confections. This is card number 36 from the 1937 Famous Escapes card set. 

Pepper's Ghost anyone? Our second ghost item is the back cover from Uncle Rays Magazine published in 1949.


Hey, where's all the scary movies? Is this October schedule a misprint for a different month? Nope, it looks like the Linn Theatre missed out on playing horror movies in October of '57. They even got stuck with a musical comedy on Halloween. At least their schedule card has some nifty Halloween artwork at the top!

This is just the second item I've found related to the Linn Theatre from Linn, Missouri. The first was a beanie cap!

Linn Theatre Beanie Cap Linn, MO


Happy Halloween from Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern! I made this wallpaper from Comic Cavalcade #12

Click the image for the 1920X1080 size and save it to your computer!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hector the Ghoul here! Today is the day that our friend Vlad announces the winners for the Neato Ghouly contest. Three fantastic prizes were at stake. Two signed art prints by illustrator Glen Mullaly and a Mad Monster Party Blu-ray.

Entrants had to guess the number of my floating heads in a photo. (see the photo below) The first two with the right answer won a Glen Mullaly signed art print! The rest of the entrants were thrown into the Portal of Chaos for a chance at the Mad Monster Party. All three winners will win an autographed photo of Vlad! Watch the video below to see if you won! (Winners will be contacted later this evening!)

Be sure to visit Glen Mullaly Illustration to purchase your very own signed art print or sketch card!

There were 116 floating Hector the Ghoul heads!

Thanks for playing! 

Hector the Ghoul


Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Squish. Squish. Oh...excuse me. I was just chewing some Wrigley's Gum. Speaking of Wrigley's Gum, here are two Halloween newspaper ads from the 70s! Click on the ads to see 'em up close!



Monday, October 29, 2012


 ~~~~Halloween Countdown News Flash~~~

I found it! I found the last plastic bag mask from the Kraft Caramels promotion of 1953!

Check out Pumpkin Head, a plastic hood mask for a child to put over his/her head on Halloween!

I first posted about this set of crazy masks during the 2007 Halloween countdown and then again when I found the Old Witch mask in 2008. Back then, I predicted I would find the Pumpkin Head mask in 2009, but I missed by a few years. This last mask showed up on ebay this past September and I was fortunate enough to snag it! Now all four masks have been accounted for!

The gang's all here! Space Helmet, Toto the Clown, Old Witch and Pumpkin Head.

Now I want to see an original snapshot from 1953 of a kid wearing one of these! I won't hold my breath until my face turns blue, but I bet there's a photo out there somewhere.


Since 2008, Vlad has been a big part of our Halloween countdown here in Neato Coolville. His castle known as Castle Vlad sits at the top of the hill just past No Name Cemetery on Weird Hollow road. Even though he's quick tempered and suffers from extreme mood swings, Vlad is a swell guy for an undead vampire. During October he allows the underground television station KRYP-TV to enter his castle and tape a very low budget television show. This season has by far been the most random and weirdest season yet. If you haven't watched the weirdness, please take a moment and visit Weird Hollow for this year's Castle Vlad episodes. As a simulcast, here's the annual outtakes and blooper episode from the 2012 season.

The random weirdness was raised a few notches this season!

You can watch Castle Vlad on the official KRYP-TV playlist at the Neato Coolville YouTube channel!


Today we go back to the golden age of comics and use Flash Comics #78 for wallpaper! 

Click the image for the 1920X1080 size and save it to your computer!

Cover image from the Grand Comics Database!

Here's the list of comic book wallpapers I've made so far for the Halloween countdown.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


The end is near for this year's Countdown to Halloween. There's a gaggle of Halloween goodies to discover on various websites and blogs. I've barely had time to visit them all, but the big list can be seen at! For fun, I've thrown together a list of some of my favorite individual posts from other sites. Click away! - Halloween Trade Ads
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Adventures into the Unknown #27 gave me some challenges, but I think it turned out okay. 

Click the image for the 1920X1080 size and save it to your computer!

Cover image from the Grand Comics Database!

Here's the list of comic book wallpapers I've made so far for the Halloween countdown.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


This found photo is a Mel Brooks movie waiting to happen! Whip Lady and Lone Ranger are quite the pair and I'm sure this couple had a totally wicked time at a California Halloween party back in '82! Maybe they attended the same party that Elliott's mom did from E.T.

I have a few questions about this Polaroid.

If the cowboy dude is supposed to be The Lone Ranger, then where's his mask? Maybe he was afraid of being sued like Clayton Moore was a few years earlier. He did drop the "The" from his name that's written on the Polaroid.

What 's up with Whip Lady? Is she a Solid Gold dancer? A heavy metal background singer? Female version of a modern Lash LaRue? Hmm...this question just creates more questions.

Since the Whip Lady is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt or what's left of one, it makes me wonder what's playing on the record player next to Lone Ranger? Is it a Pink Floyd song or a Roy Rogers song?

Why is Lone Ranger pointing his gun at Whip Lady? I'm sure we can all guess that she's a "bad girl", but did she rob a train or steal some cattle? Maybe she stole another brick in the wall!

I don't think we'll ever solve the mysteries of this Halloween Polaroid and we're probably better off not knowing!


I've always been a fan of grey tone covers and this House of Mystery #205 by Jack Sparling sends a creepy chill up my spine!

Click the image for the 1920X1080 size and save it to your computer!

Cover image from the Grand Comics Database!

Here's the list of comic book wallpapers I've made so far for the Halloween countdown.

Friday, October 26, 2012



I recently picked up this neat Frankenstein poster at an antique mall. It's made of vinyl and was made by Ideal Toys in 1972. I've never seen one before. I did a quick internet search and there's not much out there about it. According to WorthPoint, one of these posters sold last year on ebay. Looks like the seller didn't know anything about it either.

No matter because I think this poster is way cool! I like how it looks like Frankie is coming home after a hard day of monstering. Also, I think he goes to the same manicurist as Frankenberry. His fingernails look like the cereal mascot's fingernails.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Over the river and through the wood, to Grandmother's house we go! Yep, I was visiting my 99 year old Grandmother recently and was helping her go through some of her holiday items. I ran across this nifty old Beistle scarecrow packed away with old Christmas and Easter decorations. This guy is fun enough, but we kept on digging down in the closet...or as I call it, her time machine closet!

Sure enough we found more Halloween stuff. Some homemade cardboard stencils! She made them back in the 1940s for a Halloween party for my Mom and Uncle. I just love the simple Halloween shapes!  

Later in the day we found some of her scrapbooks. She's been scrapbooking since the 1930s! 

In her 1975 scrapbook is this Halloween drawing from me when I was five years old! Wow, I have no memory of drawing this, but it looks like I had a fun time drawing Halloween! It's very similar to my kid art book that I posted last year.


You have two different color choices for today's comic cover wallpaper! This one features the cover from Witches Tales #2!

Click the image for the 1920X1080 size and save it to your computer!

Cover image from the Grand Comics Database!

Here's the list of comic book wallpapers I've made so far for the Halloween countdown.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Um...excuse me little girl in the quilt dress. Do you know there's a skeleton standing behind you? Don't be frightened, 'cause he's just a classic Beistle cardboard skeleton and most of 'em are friendly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Back during the 2007 Halloween countdown, I posted one of my favorite items from my collection, an original package of Kraft Wrapples! For this year's countdown, I'm happy to share a newspaper ad from 1974.

I love the artwork in this ad! (The art style looks really familiar. Anyone have any clues who the artist could be?)

Also, back in 2007, a few of us were trying to remember the jingle from the commercial. Now we know for sure as the fine folks over at The Museum of Classic Chicago Television unearthed the original commercial! Click on the play button below and the Wrapples commercial is after the Hungry Jack biscuits commercial at 58 seconds.      

Wow, hearing the jingle and watching the commercial really transports me back to simpler days! Not sure why Kraft discontinued Wrapples, but I think they need to make a come back. Here's an idea! For all of you twitter users, let's tweet @kraftfoods asking them to bring back #wrapples!

Here's my tweet -

Feel free to copy or retweet my tweet and let Kraft know that Wrapples need to make a comeback! 

Apparently Brach's offered a caramel candy kit too. I don't remember the Brach's Big Dipper, but here's a fun newspaper ad from 1973.