Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Last year I posted a Halloween Blue Dot Flash ad from 1977. This year we go back six years to 1971 for the above ad. Below is my poor attempt to recreate the snapshot.

Check out the mask the kid is wearing! It's a Halco mask as seen in Devlin Thompson's catalog scan from 1967.

Deluxe Adult Horror Masks

Is it the Ugly Woman mask or the Caveman mask? More than likely the mask was inspired by the Morlocks from the movie Time Machine. Ebay seller mpgstuff has one for sale (click here to view) and the picture below is from the auction.

It would be neat to see an actual boxed mask to learn his Halco given name, but I didn't see any examples on the internet. This mask also reminds me of the 1960s Mr. Ugly Pez.


Shawn Robare said...

Like the scene in Halloween when Myers cocks his head to the side in the kitchen, the askew-ness of the mask on that kid is freaking me out. Just saying...

Devlin Thompson said...

The version that would come with a boxed costume would be a smaller, less concave mask with a simpler paint scheme, I believe. That's the case with the "Sea Monster," though I personally only have the deluxe mask.

Todd Franklin said...

Shawn - Maybe this boy is a lil MM!

Devlin - Thanks for the input!