Monday, October 29, 2012


Since 2008, Vlad has been a big part of our Halloween countdown here in Neato Coolville. His castle known as Castle Vlad sits at the top of the hill just past No Name Cemetery on Weird Hollow road. Even though he's quick tempered and suffers from extreme mood swings, Vlad is a swell guy for an undead vampire. During October he allows the underground television station KRYP-TV to enter his castle and tape a very low budget television show. This season has by far been the most random and weirdest season yet. If you haven't watched the weirdness, please take a moment and visit Weird Hollow for this year's Castle Vlad episodes. As a simulcast, here's the annual outtakes and blooper episode from the 2012 season.

The random weirdness was raised a few notches this season!

You can watch Castle Vlad on the official KRYP-TV playlist at the Neato Coolville YouTube channel!

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