Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Force was strong with this kid on Halloween night! Instead of buying a cheap-o Ben Cooper Yoda  mask he opted for the more pricey Don Post rubber mask. Even though it probably cost his parents $40 extra, he made the right choice. I dig the simplicity of using a brown bath robe to complete Yoda's look. He reminds me of that kid in E.T.   

Whoa! Yoda has a third eye!!

I'll be adding this photo to the Growing Up Star Wars flickr group! In the few years of its existence, the group has more than 1500 members and over 1000 images from 1977 - 1985! Recently, GUSW was mentioned on io9! (Link will be added once io9 is back online.) If you haven't by now, check out Growing Up Star Wars for tons of vintage Star Wars Halloween photos!

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