Monday, October 29, 2012


 ~~~~Halloween Countdown News Flash~~~

I found it! I found the last plastic bag mask from the Kraft Caramels promotion of 1953!

Check out Pumpkin Head, a plastic hood mask for a child to put over his/her head on Halloween!

I first posted about this set of crazy masks during the 2007 Halloween countdown and then again when I found the Old Witch mask in 2008. Back then, I predicted I would find the Pumpkin Head mask in 2009, but I missed by a few years. This last mask showed up on ebay this past September and I was fortunate enough to snag it! Now all four masks have been accounted for!

The gang's all here! Space Helmet, Toto the Clown, Old Witch and Pumpkin Head.

Now I want to see an original snapshot from 1953 of a kid wearing one of these! I won't hold my breath until my face turns blue, but I bet there's a photo out there somewhere.

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