Thursday, October 07, 2010


This poor Burger Chef bag never saw any trick or treating action back in the day. It was never carried by a Frankenstein masked child. It never was filled with peanut butter kisses and miniature candy bars. Instead this poor bag was never handed out at the local Burger Chef. It stayed inside a dark box along with its unloved and unused brothers and sister bags for more than thirty years. The Fun Burger with the witch hat might be smiling, but down deep this bag has a long and lonely frown.

Well, here's to you unloved Burger Chef Trick or Treat bag from the late 1970's! This is your day to turn that hidden frown upside down because now you can be seen and celebrated during this Halloween countdown. Just think of all the people who will now get to see you. Yes, you’ll give them such a smile as they remember back to their childhoods when they carried a similar bag or one just like you on Halloween night.

Feel free to help cheer up this sad and lonely Burger Chef bag by wishing it a Happy Halloween!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Well, if it's any consolation, that bag was lucky not to be discarded quickly after Halloween, but Happy Halloween anyway!