Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today is Halloween and this is the last post of the 2010 Halloween Countdown. Tomorrow Neato Ghoulville will change back to mild mannered Neato Coolville, but before that happens here's Jack giving up the ghost.

I sincerely thank everyone for stopping by. I really appreciate all your nice emails, comments throughout the month. A big ghoulville thanks to all of you old time Neato Readers and a kind welcome to all the new ones. Without you, this place would be a lot less neato!

Be safe, have fun and especially have a keen Halloween!


Jackie said...

Have a Neato Hallowe'en :) thanks for contributing to the halloween countdown . Your site is great! I've popped in and out every day since I heard of it . All of the cryptkeepers have inspired me and I even changed my blog background because of it , so I hope to see you again next year .

Thanks again
much love

Jackie said...

Oh and that pumpkin is great :)

Mike Middleton said...

Thanks again NC for another great countdown!

David W. said...

Good job on the rotting pumpkin time lapse. How long did it take?

At first I thought you were going to toss an M-80 into it.

Anonymous said...

Happiest Halloween, Mayor Todd!

John Rozum said...

Happy Haloween, Mr. Mayor! It's hard to believe we've survived five of these and look how many people have joined us. Yours was a great countdown (both of them) as always even though I'm convinced those monster head races are rigged ;(.

Todd Franklin said...

Jackie - Thanks for the nice words and for stopping by all month!

Mike - Thanks pal!

David - It took about a month. I probably would have blown up the pumpkin back when I was 17 years old!

alleyesandears - Thanks Dane!

John - Yeah, and I’m happy to say I don’t have too many scars. As acting commissioner of MHR, I can say 100% the races are on the up and up. Good thing I can’t play, because the monster I want to win never does. I wanted Mr. Hyde to go all the way this year.