Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since today is 10-10-10, I wondered what ten-related thing I could post to fit into this Halloween countdown. After smashing my head into the wall trying to think of something, I had a childhood memory come crashing forward. I remembered a clip from Sesame Street of a floating face with a creepy voice that counted to ten. Oh yeah, even tho this video is not Halloween related, this might be the scariest post for the countdown. It especially scared me when I was a (mayor) toddler. I remember seeing the rubber band face man when I was sick with a high fever. When I slept, all I could see and hear in my mind was this strange floating face counting to ten in a black void. I then would wake up and vomit into the Melmac bowl next to my bed and then fall back to sleep and dream about this counting clip over and over and over again. Really, I can barely watch this video without feeling a little nauseous because of the memory.

Here’s the video, but if you have a fever, I wouldn't adivise watching the clip or the floating face might haunt your dreams with a count of ten!

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