Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I know, I know this box looks like something that should be posted during the 4th of July instead of a Halloween countdown. Ok, so it is red, white and blue instead of orange and black and has a cowboy mascot instead of a pumpkin head, but it does sort of fit. Once this box held a classic Halloween treat, caramel candy apples. Well not this box, but a box just like it because this one was never used. This box is mid-century, probably from the late 50's and was manufactured by Mile High Enterprises in Denver, Colorado.

The Kandy Kid is kind of a cool kool mascot.

He’s pointing to the apples saying, “Hey mom, buy Kandy Kid Apples for all the trick or treaters this Halloween. No more hassles and no more mess from fixing your own caramel candy apples when you buy Kandy Kid Apples!”

Are you still wishing this box looked more Halloweeny? Hmm... me too. A little photoshop magic and presto!

Good, now this box fits much better in the Halloween countdown.

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