Saturday, October 02, 2010


Now for the traditional Halloween lottery ticket. I pick one up every October and so far I haven’t been able to retire as Mayor. Maybe this time this will be my ticket to easy living!

Ah, rats! Nope, just scratched another loser card to add to all my other loser cards from past years. You can see them here, here, here and here.

Erick from Wonderful Wonderblog, also enjoys playing the Halloween lottery and he usually posts his home state lottery card during the Halloween Countdown. That made me curious to know what kind of Halloween designs were on some of the other lottery cards from different states. Last year, my pal Mike gave me this nifty card from Oklahoma.

Snooping around last year on different state lottery websites, I swiped some images and made this Halloween lottery ticket mosaic.

Erick just posted Ohio's lottery ticket and Dex1138 picked up a Dracula themed ticket from the state of Massachusetts. I really dig the artwork on the MA ticket!


Erick said...

I haven't got my Halloween lottery ticket yet. I should do that today.

Dane said...

What a cool idea! Halloween Scratch N' Lose cards (as a friend calls them) never occurred to me, as a tradition or art!

Dex said...

Here's the one from MA

Steven Altis said...


So far, I have disappointingly not been able to find a VA Halloween lotto card in any of my local stores. I wonder if the VA lottery didn't put one out this year?

Erick said...

I bought some Ohio Lottery Halloween tickets this weekend. See all of my big winnings here --

Wonderful Wonderblog

Todd Franklin said...

Erick - Glad you won six bucks. I find it interesting that so many of the different state tickets use the same or similar artwork from year to year.

Dane - Yeah, it's kinda fun to see what the new one looks like each year. I like your friend's nickname, Scratch N' Lose cards! Ha!

Dex - I just added the link of your awesome Drac card! Thanks for sharing it with me. Hope you won without getting bit on the neck!

Steven - That was a short lived nickname for me back in elementary school. Good luck finding a VA ticket.