Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey kids, ready to travel back in time to the early 1960's and visit the Safeway grocery store in Missoula, Montana? C’mon it will be fun! Ok, get ready to close your eyes and when you open them you’ll see that we zapped back in time more than 40 years ago.

Whew! Good, we made it! You can open your eyes now ‘cause we’re in the 1960's at the exact moment in time when the employees of the Missoula Safeway store are having their picture made for their annual Halloween costume day.

Looks like we arrived just before they opened the door for business. In just a few moments this group will take their familiar positions and wait on the onslaught of last minute Halloween shoppers. Too bad we don’t know any of their real names, but for fun, we can always make stuff up! (You can do that when you time travel. Really, I think it’s in the time travel handbook.)

We start off with this guy. He’s dressed up like a magician or possibly a circus ring leader, but regardless, I think he’s plotting a villainous take over of the Safeway. We better keep an eye on him.

Nice to see that Napoleon showed up for the photo shoot. Hmm... is this just one of the Safeway employees dressing up as Napoleon or is this the real Napoleon that has time traveled into the future like we time traveled into the past. We better search the Safeway, ‘cause Bill & Ted might be somewhere in the store.

This gal dressed up as a box of Jell-Well gelatin might be my favorite costume. Now if only a few more girls dressed as Jell-Well boxes we could make a Safeway Jell-Well commercial with dancing Jell-Well boxes. Boy, that would be swell-well!

Ug, caveman shop at Safeway instead of hunt all day. Ug, no more kill animal with spear. Ug, caveman like the Safeway meat market and now has time for hobby. Ug, caveman can’t wait to get home to cave and crochet.

Ok, time travelers, now you can tell your children and they can tell their children that you met the man or I should say clown that started the mismatched patchwork pants craze of the 1970's. Yes it took this man almost ten years of wearing these pants every day until they caught on.

Now we have this girl, uh I mean guy. For some reason this person makes me think of that episode of Happy Days where Richie and Potsie dressed up as girls because of the Deadly Dare initiation into the Demons club.

It’s nice that Safeway will hire a convict and by the looks of things this Check(er) Dodger, whatever that means, just got out of the slammer. Good thing he’s standing next to a display of smokes. Maybe he can trade a couple of packs for some can goods and a box of Jell-Well.

Here’s fun trio of gals, who by the looks of things, can’t stop giggling. The tomato lady can barely contain herself after she told a joke to the Royal Satin Shorthand lady and the White Magic Bleach lady. I’m thinking the joke was about the guy in drag behind them.

Hmm... who does this guy supposed to be dressed as? Is his costume that subtle that we’re just not getting it or is he the aloof manager who is above these crazy shenanigans and decided not to participate? There’s always one of these guys at every business or office during Halloween. C’mon man, loosen up a little and have a little fun. He could have at least put on a Lone Ranger mask or something. Sheesh!

Before we jump back into our time machine and head back to 2010, I just wanted to point out how cool this cookie train sign is.

Just take a minute and view this wonderful piece of art. Ok, and that’s it, everyone into the time machine.

Did you guys hear that, a zzzt zzzt noise? Ah, I’m sure it’s nothing. See you back in 2010!

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