Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just picked up this Earl Nightingale record album called a great way to live. . . at the thrift store. Checkout those happy teenagers cruising in their convertible having a fun and carefree time. When you flip the album over. . .

you get a shock, as all the fun living teenagers are dead from a gruesome car wreck.

I really need to invest in a record player so I can find out how these hip kids bought the farm. My guess is that they were paying too much attention to the guitar playing kid in the back or maybe the gal with the hat had some Old Crow tucked away in that picnic basket.

Here's a couple of Earl Nightingale videos from his 1970 TV show Our Changing World. The first one is about Edgar Allen Poe.

Video originally uploaded by SeaJay3.


Mike Middleton said...

That dead man's curve will get those crazy kids every time!

narvista said...

Awesome record! Funny how on the back, with the car wreck scene...it's not enough to just show a car wreck; all the trees and growth in the background are also "dead."

Man, you got all this cool old stuff, and you *don't* have a record player? Blasphemy!

Glen Mullaly said...

Wild videos Todd. As I've mentioned in the past I have a bunch of records but have never seen footage of the ol' Earl. I'm not sure what his appeal was as a speaking but he was sure successful at it.


Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Yeah, always stay of dead man's curve!

narvista - Yes, sad but true that I do not own a record player anymore. I just haven't replaced the one that I had for years after it died. I keep buying records so it should be fun listening to 'em when I get a new player.

Glen - Yes, the magic of YouTube. I'm not sure about his appeal either, but my mom told me that she watched his show in the mornings. Maybe there wasn't much else on. I do like his music intro to the show!