Sunday, August 30, 2009


These college coeds are showing school spirit for Central Missouri State College in 1957. The college is now known as University of Central Missouri and is located in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Friday, August 28, 2009



I just got back from a postcard show and snagged some fun postcards that are good and cheesy! Take a gander at these goodies -

Meet Walter Skolnik a modern-day magician who can cast a spell over children and by the looks of it can pull a rubber chicken out of a pot. Now that's some magic!

Six Care cans that no housewife can live without. You got your Tile & Tub Care can, your Counter Care can, your Fine Furniture Care can, your Cabinet Care can, your Antique Furniture Care can (not to be confused with your Fine Furniture can) and the most important can of all...

your Panel Care can! Yes, these cans really do care.

I'm surprised the Krofft's passed on Free Spirits. It was a live action Saturday morning kid's show about Cecil and his girlfriend Shanda who cruised all over California in their living dune buggy named Stoner Buggy.

I wish I had a 6X6 ATV! If you have one of these, it automatically make you a cool person. Can you imagine all the jealous looks you would get driving this mechanical masterpiece to work.

Hey, the 6X6 even makes this guy look cool!

Now this postcard really is a gem! The back says it was taken at the Hazel Park 2nd Annual Community Fair in Hazel Park, Michigan in 1966. Let's take a closer look at this group. In the back of truck we can see a couple of clowns, a Chief, a LBJ wannabe, and a hobo. The driver of the truck could easily be a someone from Mayberry and the colonial women are a hoot in a half. For my money and what makes this card so special is the gangster couple with the giant yellow stuffed dog. Al Capone should have had a giant yellow stuffed dog.

This is Dinny the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Park in St. George's Island in Calgary, Alberta. Isn't he a swell?

Wow, check out ol' Albert. Did you know that he's the World's Largest Bull and he must be since it says it on this here postcard!

Finally we finish up with a puppet show postcard. This is a scene from Davy Jones Locker, a marionette show at the Bil Baird Theater in Greenwich Village, NY.

Whew! I think I got my money's worth at the postcard show. If you would like to take a gander at some more postcards from my collection, head over to my flickr set called the Postcard Rack.

Monday, August 24, 2009


One of the last movie theaters from my youth is about to fade away. The Capital 4, located in the Capital Mall in Jefferson City, Missouri is closing Aug. 27. This makes me a little sad.

The Capital 4 might not be a movie palace, but for me it has lots of fun memories. Most of them are from the mid to late 80's when it was fun to go to the mall hang out with friends, play video games at the Land of Oz arcade, snack at the food court and see a flick at the Capital 4.

One of the first movies I saw here back when the theater was new is one of my favorite movie theater memories. Apparently, the theater opened sometime in 1979 or 80 and then it was just the Capital 2. I was ten years old and bored out of my mind tagging along with my mom and grandma Christmas shopping in the mall. We happened to walk by the theater and I noticed Flash Gordon was playing.

Just like in the Queen song, “Flash - ah - he’ll save ev’ry one of us”, Flash saved me from a dreary day of shopping. After pleading with my mom to see the movie by myself she reluctantly agreed. Wow, this was a historic day for me ‘cause it was the first movie I would see by myself! Boy, did I take advantage of my new found freedom. I ordered some cotton candy, large popcorn, large soda and a box of candy. I think it was a box of Junior Mints since that was my movie candy of choice. With my arms full I took my seat way down in front and was lost in the wonderful world of Flash Gordon!

This past Saturday I ended my run with the Capital 4 Theatre with another great space fantasy and one of this year’s best movies, Star Trek.

Here’s some photos -

Big thanks to one of the managers for letting me snap a few pics of the projector.

Also, check out Cinema Tour for some photos from the late 90's.

I'll end this with a quote from Prince Vultan - "Oh well, who wants to live forever?"

Good bye Capital 4, you will be mised!


From a 1964 Sunkist Tuna ad.

Friday, August 21, 2009



Behold! It’s a vintage box of Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box from the late 70's or early 80's.

WOW, I’ve been looking for a Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box all my life and I can’t believe I found it in a thrift store for only eighty cents. Many advanced collectors all over the globe have been searching for this holy grail and I’m sure it could fetch thousands of dollars in the collectors market. I’ve started building a special showcase that will help protect and showoff this amazing find! People from all over the world will come and visit just so they can see the Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box.

I’ve had calls from the Smithsonian and I just heard from the Antiques Roadshow folks that they want me to be a special guest so I can talk about my Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box!

Oh wait...

Sorry, I just had a bizarro world flash and didn’t mean to type all that. This box should’ve been thrown out years ago. It’s worthless and if it wasn’t for this blog I would be eighty cents richer. But since I needed something for today’s Flea Market Fridays this is what I ended up with. Sad, but true, so let’s try and make the best of it. Ok?

When the microwave was new every Tom, Dick and Harry company was trying to come up with go-along products for the popular radioactive cooking box. Menominee Paper from Menominee, MI jumped on board and created Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags. I have no clue when they stared producing the bags or how long they were in production, but I do know this box makes me chuckle.

My first thought and its the same thought when I see those early giant microwaves - I hope she doesn’t have a poodle in there? I can just see this pretty woman acting like Holly from the Price is Right and then she opens the door to see a frightened cute poodle dog. Then she slams the door shut and her eyes go red and she. . . Oops, sorry. Bizarro world flash again.

Let’s all look at the back of this box -

There’s Jimmy picking his teeth with a piece of pizza. Good thing Jimmy used a Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bag or that piece of pizza would’ve been too soggy to use as a toothpick.

Oh oh! There’s poor mom who’s been slaving away cleaning the microwave. If she had used one of these swell Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags then she would be fresh as a daisy.

Ah good. Looks like mom found microwave wisdom and is now using the Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags straight from the fridge to the microwave. Way to go mom and you look stunning too!

If anyone would like to buy this box for a crisp $1000 dollar bill, I might be interested. Maybe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Everyone pile into the Neato Time Machine and let’s all go to A&W circa 1972!

Heck, you don’t even need a time machine to visit a classic A&W all you need, is a set of wheels that will get you to Boonville, Missouri. On Ashley Road you’ll find an important remnant from the early 1970's.

If you’re like me and have any interest in vintage architecture and roadside history you’ll have a hard time parking your car. You’ll probably park crooked while you stare at that magnificent “hat” style A&W building with its original sign. Don’t worry - that’s what I did!

Oh yes, it gets even better once you walk inside.

The first thing you’ll see is a fireplace. A fireplace in a fast food restaurant? You betcha! That was standard in most A&W restaurants from the early 1970's. I can’t wait to go back in the winter because they still use the blasted thing!!

After you order your Papa Burger, fries and a ice cold frosty mug of root beer you can sit in one of the original two-toned booths and gaze at the faux Tiffany style lights complete with A&W logo.

While you’re gawking around be sure to notice the vintage record covers that line the top of the wall. Of course they were new when the restaurant opened, but now they’re retro!

Remember to save room for dessert. Most will go for a root beer float and that is a good choice but at this A&W they serve something special that I’d never had before - a root beer twist ice cream cone. Heavens to Murgatroyd, it’s the best ice cream cone I’ve had in ages. Unlike the wimpy cones at McDonald’s or other fast food joints this one fills the cone and is tall and full of flavor. Plus the cone is fresh and crisp!

Even though Boonville is home to some important Missouri history and a popular “moat” casino the main draw should be this classic A&W.

Kudos to the owners of this roadside treasure for keeping the restaurant intact and original. Please never change and keep on serving those Root Beer twist ice cream cones!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009


I have no clue who Ann is in this found slide. We do know that this cake if for Ann's eleventh birthday and that Thing from The Addams Family is ready to snatch a piece of her cake.

I would like to take this moment and wish all the Anns of the world a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Ann!

Friday, August 07, 2009


The 2009 G.I. Joe Convention returns to Kansas City, Missouri this August 13-16.

I'm sure this year's Joe Con will be just as fun as it was back in 2001.

Watch some 12" Joes jumping from the top of the Hyatt Regency Crown Center building.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos back then. Actually, the only ones I snapped are of these Joe dioramas including one of Sgt. Rock.