Friday, October 23, 2020


Hopefully, this Halloween video will bring some joyful nostalgia.  Putting this together was very therapeutic for me, so for anyone who might be struggling, go do something creative. It truly does help!   

Most of the images I used are ones that I've shared before back when I used to do the Halloween countdown.  Watching these images flicker throughout the video brings back memories of spending so much time scanning and editing them. All of the "found photos" are ones that I rescued from antique shops or auctions. Many images are scans of comics or magazine ads that I've manipulated through photoshop.  There are even some of my own photographs and artwork sprinkled in.  The fantastic song comes from one of the best Halloween albums ever produced and that's Halloween by Wonderland Golden Records. I have a beat-up copy with just the right amount of hisses and pops. The song was performed by Kay Lande and arranged by Wade Denning.  

Happy Halloween!