Sunday, October 18, 2009


Flickr is a great place to look at old Halloween snapshots. Here's a few links to some fun snaps -

Frankenstein headlocks little sister
1974 Classroom of Halloween kids
Plate full of candy
The Witch and the Pink Bunny
World's Finest and a Rubber Chicken
Bag of Groceries - clever costume
Pirate and Hunchback - Check out the Willy Wonka Trick or Treat bag and then go here.
The Great Pumpkin
Batman, Batgirl and Robin
Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy
Jolly Green Giant
Matching Ears
Space Robot Pilot
Halloween in the 80's
George Harrison
Big Head Frankenstein
Clown - Neat trick or treat bag
Frankenstein and pals
Kissing Frankenstein

You can view thousands more just flick around on flickr and you'll find a ton!

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Dex1138 said...

Great links! I could spend days looking at these.