Thursday, October 08, 2009


Looks like someone snapped this photo just after the kids came back from trick or treating. That baby with the pumpkin sucker is giving Huckleberry Hound the evil eye. The kid must be a Yogi fan! See the kid in the gold costume that kind of looks like C-3P0?. He's really a moon monster and we'll see him again later this month.

The slide is labeled 1960.


Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff, thanks for sharing!!!

Vlad said...

"Blood....that's just my game."

Lidian said...

Those kds look a little ominous. Huckleberry does not have a clue what he may be in for, clearly.

Steve said...

Thanks for the fun post Todd. I can't help but think of "Moon River" and "My Huckleberry friend." At last we have a visualization of that line. :)

Todd Franklin said...

Wings - Thanks for looking!

Vlad - Glad you picked up on the Tombstone line.

Lidian - Oh you're right. Poor Huckleberry probably didn't see another Halloween after that night.

Steve - Now I have that playing in my head. Thanks!