Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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Oops, sorry about that, I forgot and left my gorilla hands on. I was trying to type – May everyone have a super-simian National Gorilla Suit Day!

Here’s some gorilla vids I found on YouTube, so enjoy.

Now I’m off to the supermarket to pick up some bananas and vanilla wafers in my gorilla suit.

Good thing this isn’t National Birthday Suit Day! Yikes!

This first vid is a clever A&E Biography spoof called The Curse of P.P. Fartingham's Gorilla Suit. Written and Produced by Chad Fogland. Edited by Maria Friesen. Photography by Meredith Jenks. 8 min.

This next vid comes from Bob Burns and it's a golf club commercial. No, not that Bob Burns, but another Bob Burns who loves gorillas. This Bob Burns is a PGA Golf Pro.

This is a 1985 commercial for Hillybilly Vac Shack and was uploaded by cartainvac.


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Mike Middleton said...

Great stuff NC!!

Waffle Whiffer said...

Now we just need to old Samsonite luggage commercial with the gorilla tossing things around!