Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I just heard that Dave Stevens passed away yesterday. Dave was one of my favorite artists and I consider his character The Rocketeer as one of the best comic characters created in the past 25 years. He was much too young to leave, but he will be remembered thru is amazing artwork.


Dave said...

Funny you should mention the Rocketeer. I just posted a Story book on tape at my blog here:
The Rocketeer In 3-D Audio. Seems these guys from my era are dropping like flies lately. Sad.


Todd Franklin said...

Yes, I'm afraid in the past few years and just recently weeks we've lost a lot of great people and talent.

Karswell said...

Yeah, 2008 has practically just begun and we've already lost a handful of greats. It doesn't help that I turn 40 this year too, waaah.

Looking forward to 2009 though, I think.

Jeff said...

The guy was an amazing talent (and by all accounts, the nicest man in comics)...and 52 is far, far too young to check out.