Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Did you ever put your toys in the freezer? I did that all the time when I was a kid. For whatever reason, freezing stuff fascinated me! Growing up, my family had a deep freezer in the basement and it was a regular artificial Antarctica. Usually you could find frozen slabs of meat, TV dinners and long forgotten tubs of Cool Whip stored inside. One time, my brother even kept a severed head of a snowman in there until summer. For me, the freezer was just another setting for my imagination and a fun place to play with my toys. A few of my action figures could be found entombed in the thick freezer frost. Like some sort of diabolical Batman villain, I kept those figures in a frozen state for months. 

Inspired by my frozen action figures from long ago, I'm putting Neato Coolville into the deep freezer. I've kinda lost that blogging feeling and need to move away from it for awhile. I'm not sure how long this ice age will last, but for now, it feels like the right thing to do. 

I really appreciate all of the Neato Readers out there and I thank you for stopping by the blog and other related NC sites all of these years. It really has been a joy sharing all this random stuff!

I'll still be on the grid in the form of twitter,  @NeatoCoolville.

Thanks and remember to be neato cool to everyone!


Jason Liebig said...

Whoa?! Sorry to see you freeze it, but I look forward to what comes when you decide to thaw it out. Everything in its time.

Thank you for so much for all the fun shared stuff over the years. And for helping inspire me to start doing this myself.

NeatoCoolville has always lived up to its name.



Dan Goodsell said...

yeah that is the way of things, someday you wake up and you know a new direction needs to be taken.

I am sure we will all be out here following along on your path....


Wings1295 said...

Hear ya. Here's to good things ahead for you! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Todd,

Well, doggone. I hate to see you put things on ice (I think I've been reading you via RSS for about 6 years), but, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I hope the fever will come back in time for a return of the monster head races this year or maybe the new Star Wars next year.

Take care!

Phillyradiogeek said...

This seems to be a growing trend among my favorite blogs lately. Thanks for all you've done with the place. Hope to see you for this year's Countdown to Halloween!

Todd Franklin said...

Jason - Thanks for the support Jason! As I knew it would be - CollectingCandy.com has become one of my favorite sites!

Dan- That's so true and I'm counting on this new direction will be a good one. Dan, your site was a big inspiration in the creation of NC and I thank you for it!

Caffeinated Joe - Thanks and another thanks for all the comments through the years!

Anonymous - Thanks so much for being a loyal reader. That really means a lot! I did miss having the Monster Head Race this year, so you never know.

Phillyradiogeek - Yeah, I've noticed a few blogs have been going extinct lately. Hopefully I can keep that from happening to this one. Thanks for always checking in all these years!

Mark West said...

I understand your point and I hope you enjoy the break, but I also hope you hurry back too!

Pik-Cor said...

Sniff *

But I totally hear you. I sense a sea change in the world of blogging.

jazzmonkey1138 said...

Thank you so much for the years of posting pieces of my childhood: christmas morning pics opening Star Wars toys, newspaper clippings of beloved past movie showtimes for local theaters, your video arcade posts, vintage ads...your site has been a bastion of "warm and fuzzy" for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart as a fellow child of the 70's/80's. I truly feel we are from a very special generation, growing up with the Star Wars trilogy as the backbone of a wondrous childhood of imagination. Raiders, Tron, Back to the Future...we had it really good, in a way that's impossible for any other generation to understand. I hope you'll return someday sooner rather than later!

Todd Franklin said...

Mark - Thanks for the comment and so far the break has been good for me.

P.E. - Thanks P.E.! Yeah, blogging is not what it used to be.

jazzmonkey1138 - I really appreciate the nice words! Thank you very much!!

Unknown said...

And I find it after it ends. My usual luck. :(

Major Pepperidge said...

I've enjoyed the heck out of Neato Coolville, you should be very proud of the amazing thing that you created. Thanks so much, and good luck with whatever you pursue in the future!

Mr. Karswell said...

Occasionally I think it's time to put a freeze on things as well at both THOIA and AEET, (it's especially annoying when my stuff gets tumblr'd or reposted to some Facebook group without any direct link back to my original source), but I still find it fun to blog and lately I've gotten into different scanning habits etc etc... but this is about you, and I'll have you know that I'll be here waiting for ya to come back, as many others here have also hinted. Your blog has always been the coolest-- and now with it in deep freeze it's even cooler somehow! Wait a sec! How'd you do that? haha :)

Anonymous said...

It´s been a privilege to walk on the Neato Coolville`s boardwalks. You did a great job. I´ll be eager to read you again. Thank you and good luck on your next project.

Todd Franklin said...

Unknown - Don't worry, we're back!

Major P. - Thanks so much for your neato comment! It gave me some fuel to come back!

Karswell - Thanks pal! Yeah, all the swiping of images got to me, but I finally decided I can't let that junk get me down.

Juan - Thank you for the nice comment! I really appreciate it!