Tuesday, March 09, 2010


You might remember from last year that I missed out on meeting Grimace live and in person at our local McDonalds. I documented the missed opportunity with a Polaroid photo that you can see here.

Fast forward to this year and rewind just a couple of days ago as Grimace once again visited our McDonalds and this time he brought a couple of his pals. I almost missed their arrival, but thanks to my friend Tim for his enthusiastic phone call letting us know that the Beatles, uh McDonaldland characters were in town waving at traffic.

The first lady and I hopped in our jalopy and we zoomed to McDonalds!

First we said hi to Grimace. “Hi Grimace!”

Since we didn’t have any hamburgers on us, it was safe to greet Hamburgler. “Hi Hamburgler!”

Next we visited with Birdie the Early Bird. “Hi Birdie!”

We also visited with the mascot handler and he said that the Grimace and Birdie costumes were vintage. Since I never met any of the McDonaldland mascots as a kid, hearing that the costumes were vintage really made it that much more cooler!

Oh yeah, there was one more mascot that tagged along, but he wasn’t part of McDonaldland.

Don’t tell the Tyson Chicken, but really we were kind of scared of him.


Wings said...

Very cool! And yeah, the Tyson chicken dude is creepy. Why would a chicken hawk chicken products???

Mike Middleton said...

Maybe the Hamburglar was going to steal some fine Long John's or KFC instead.

narvolicious said...

Dood you scored! They actually let a Tyson chicken man hang out? Weird...

Tom said...

Tyson chicken?!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

Richard Prosch said...

You guys scored here. I think the Tyson Chicken is more elusive than even the OM Wiener-Mobile!

Dr Zibbs said...

If I ever see the Hamburgler I will punch him.

Dex1138 said...

I miss the old creepy Hamburglar

nyrdyv said...

When did the Tyson Chicken dude then shed the floppy shoes, draw a "Glock", and kick the door of the apartment building across the street to make a bail-skipping arrest for the U.S. Marshal Service?


Steven G. Willis