Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My favorite thing in Las Vegas is the famous Welcome sign. Designed by Betty Willis in 1959.

I think the World’s Largest Gift Shop has the World’s Largest Gift Shop sign. We actually spent some time in here and didn’t buy one souvenir. I guess the quality of tacky souvenirs just isn’t as good as it used to be.

Hey, it's Yellow, the Peanut M&M mascot! M&Ms might not melt in your hand, but I felt sorry for the person inside this suit ‘cause he/she probably melted once they got outside. The M&M mascots stand in front of M&M World taking photos with crazed M&M fans.

Walking at the new City Center made me feel like I was in the movie Inception.

Of course, I’ve seen a lot of giant objects along the roadside, but I believe this is the first giant typewriter eraser that I’ve ever seen. Located at the City Center.

Also located at the City Center is Crystals, the “shopping mall from the future”(that’s what we called it). I was much more interested in the cool glass tubes with the water tornadoes spinning inside instead of the designer stores.

It was like some artsy designer teamed up with a 7th grade science teacher for this twister of a mall decoration.

Sad to see the Mario Brothers down and out and living on the streets after they lost all their money at the blackjack tables.

The Tropicana is getting a complete make over. Hope these guys don’t forget a letter and accidently rename the casino Troicana.

Visited the home of Pawn Stars and bought a cannon! Catch this week's Flea Market Fridays post for the scoop.

Because of Disneyland, I’m forever a fan of Monorails and after seeing this cute Monorail Girl, I’m forever a fan of Monorail Girls! Btw, thanks for the coupons, Monorail Girl!

We didn’t win a million bucks, but at least we can say we saw a million bucks.

A Las Vegas tradition is enjoying a shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate Casino. The treat was born here back in 1959.

Saw this leftover space suit from the extinct Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

So cool that Bellagio is honoring the classic 1950's horror movie Them! in their conservatory and botanical garden.

Um... the first lady just informed me that this display is supposed to be a simple summer scene in the backyard. Sorry for the confusion.

At the Liberace Museum is this Volks Royce created by George Barris in the 1970's. This car would make a great Pinky Tuscaderomobile!

The coolest thing we did in Las Vegas was hang out at the Pinball Museum. It was a much better investment putting quarters in these machines than the casino's slot machines.

Visit tomorrow as we’ll have part two - Stuff We Saw In Vegas At Night.


Anonymous said...

I love your site! I'm a devoted follower, your site is permanently on the opening tabs page.
Pinball has been a constant unwavering obsession, no matter what else was going on, no matter how I've changed in my life. Needless to say, (but I AM gonna anyway) I gagged a little when I saw the Pinball Hall of Fame.
I'm sooooooo jealous my toes are frustrated!!
Just thought you wanted to know the extent of your going-to-vegas-and-taking-pictures-of-SUPER-COOL-STUFF-powers.
Thanks for all the fun!

Todd Franklin said...

LWOYHB - Thanks so much for the nice comment! Comments like that is the fuel that keeps this blog going!

Yeah, the Pinball Museum is amazing and the games are in great playing condition.

Thanks again!