Thursday, September 30, 2010


I think this little girl is talking about October and if she is, that means tomorrow is the big day when Neato Coolville transforms into Neato Ghoulville for a month long Halloween celebration!

We have each day filled up with lots of fun treats that’s guaranteed not to rot out your teeth.

Neato Coolville the Blog - Halloween related goodies from old mag scans to fun seasonal food packaging.

Weird Hollow - Monster headquarters with Vlad videos, Monster Head Races contest and movie monster stuff.

Twitter - Get the daily report from the imaginary town of Neato Coolville as it celebrates Halloween.

Facebook - Follow along with links to both blogs and get special Halloween profile icons.

Check back at midnight for the start of the fifth Neato Ghoulville Halloween countdown!

Now here’s a word from Timothy Grimm -

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Bud said...

Looks like fun!