Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Rocketeer opened twenty years ago today. To celebrate one of my favorite films, I created this photo to look like a late 1930’s slide. I envision a photographer looking outside a passenger plane window taking photos of the clouds. Suddenly, a mysterious figure jet packs into view and click-snap, this photo is created.

Long live the Rocketeer and big thanks to the late great Dave Stevens for creating one of the best comic book adventure heroes!


Bubbashelby said...

The airport scenes were filmed in my hometown of Santa Maria - I remember being at school and seeing the planes buzzing around during filming. the hangers languished for a while, then some local bought one and moved it onto their property. The 'Bigelow' one I think. It was there for years, used as a garage, until some bastard bought the house and 'modernized' it, adding siding and painting it blue or somesuch. No respect for the classics!

Mike said...

I'm sure the photographer was flying aboard a Pan Am Clipper!