Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hidden away in the farthest reaches of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri is a canyon that’s been frozen in time. This is a place where giants still roam the land and tourist try to putt-putt a hole-in-one. I’m talking about one of the coolest mini-golf courses in the Ozarks - Prof. Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon.

This attraction is just a couple of years old, but it has the feel of a vintage course with some modern touches. Some of the dinosaurs actually lived somewhere else before they migrated to Branson. Originally they were part of Jim Sidwell’s Jolly Golf in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. After Jolly Golf became extinct some of the dinosaurs were saved and landed here at Prof. Hackers.

You can read more about Jim Sidwell’s miniature golf courses and theme parks in Tim Hollis’ in-depth book called The Land of the Smokies Great Mountain Memories. More of Jim Sidwell's dinosaur handy work can be seen at Dinosaur Land in White Post, Virginia.


John Rozum said...

That isd one sad looking, droopy stegasaurus. It wuldn't keep me away though.

Dane said...

See that brokedown mannequin crawling away up the mountain in picture #8? I'd give my eyeteeth to climb up and get a closeup of it.

Mike said...

Get the clubs, honey, we're heading to Branson!

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Jungle Is "101"

Mr. Karswell said...

Hey Todd, I'm getting in the car now... can you meet me here in a couple hours? Shit man I live for stuff like this.

And if Dane is climbing up there to get a close up of Professor Hacker I'm going to rifle through his pockets alongside her for fossils.

Todd Franklin said...

Rozum - Yeah, the more sad and cheesy the dionsaur the better!

Dane - Ok, two eyeteeth please!

Mike - This place is worth the trip. Branson is becoming a place for many other things besides country music. They might be getting a Beatles museum. Sir Paul visited Branson recently to talk with George Harrison's sister about it.

Karswell - Oops, hope you haven't been waiting long as I'm just now catching up on my comments. Ok while Dan is getting a close-up and you're going thru his pockets, I'll be stealing his time machine.

Anonymous said...

There are some great Branson shows there. Did you get to see any of them/

Branson Travel Office said...

There are nearly a dozen cool mini golf courses in Branson and Dinosaur Canyon is a lot of fun! It's right in the heart of town too, so it's easy to get there and then see some of the other stuff in town.

Paul Duca said...

Quoth Bart Simpson.."My dad says (Branson) is kinda like Vegas--if it were designed by Ned Flanders"