Friday, February 16, 2007


Welcome to the debut of Flea Market Fridays! Most every Friday I’ll try and post an item that I’ve found looking in flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops. The one criteria is that the items can’t come from ebay or items that I already have in my collections. Of course I might miss a few Fridays depending on if I have a dry run and I’m not able to find anything cool or if I have a special string of posts going on for a week or so.

The first Flea Market Friday item is an old 1960's popcorn box from the Storybook Gardens theme park located in London, Ontario. Here’s some nifty old photos from Dan Goodsell’s website The Imaginary World and here’s the official website for Storybook Gardens.


Kirk D. said...

Fantastic find!
Cool because it's Storybook Gardens, AND cool because it's popcorn.

Megan Schroder said...

I live in London and have been to Story Book Gardens MANY times. Most of the original attractions in your link to pictures are still there. A lot of stuff has been taken down but its still a great place.