Thursday, February 22, 2007


As a collector of old cereal stuff I just had to squeeze in something this week related to cereal.

Unfortunately there was never any Stretch Monster Crunch cereal or for that matter not even a mini-Stretch Monster free in every box type of premium. The closest thing I could tie a connection between Stretch Monster and cereal is this old Cheerios box.

I refer to this 1978 box as the 2-Sided Star Wars Poster & Kenner Refund Box.

Naturally, General Mills offered many Star Wars premiums in their many brands of cereal since Kenner Toys, then owned by the Big G, was producing all the Star Wars toys.

Inside the box attached to one of the Star Wars posters was a refund sheet that listed and pictured some of Kenner’s toys.

Unfortunately only the Stretch Octopus Ollie and Olivia are shown, but at least Stretch Armstrong and our hero Stretch Monster are mentioned. Thus the very small cereal + SM connection!

All you had to do was cut the proof of purchase from the toy package and mail it in for a refund.

I loved the 2 Sided Star Wars posters and this one used to hang in my bedroom when I was a kid.

As you can see I only colored Vader’s lightsaber. I’m sure I was too anxious to hang it on the wall and decided to forget about coloring. Hey, I had plenty of coloring books to color and I didn’t have any works of art with a Star Destroyer hanging on my wall.

Ok, I think I’ll get my box of crayons out and finish it 29 years later.

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Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

I love the Stretch Octopus! I had never heard of those before.