Saturday, June 07, 2008


Did you watch the lovely Jenna Fischer on David Letterman last night? If you did - you saw the star of the hit TV show The Office talk about the Lake of the Ozarks and Bagnell Dam.

Jenna grew up visiting the Lake on weekends and summers as her parents have a cottage here. She's always good about mentioning the Lake of the Ozarks in interviews and talk shows. Last night on Letterman she and Dave chatted about the Lake.

It was fun to hear Jenna mention the famous Dogpatch outhouse, or as she referred to it as the “talking potty.” Here are some photos I snapped of the outhouse.

When I was a kid, the talking hillbilly always scared me. Of course my fear didn’t stop me from opening that door to hear the hillbilly yell and cuss at you for invading his privacy.

She also talked about the Larry Don dance cruise boat, located at the Casino Pier. Here’s an older postcard from the 1970's of the Larry Don.

Unfortunately, the Casino Pier and the Larry Don have fallen on hard times and has been closed since 2007 because of unsafe conditions. Not sure what the future holds for the once popular Lake attraction. This is a current photo from just a couple of days ago.

A big thanks to Jenna Fischer for plugging the Lake of the Ozarks and talking about the coolest part of the lake, the Bagnell Dam strip!


Karswell said...

Thanks for the Letterman link Todd! At first when she says "the dam is the only thing to do in the Ozarks" I was thinking "uh oh," but she gave a shout out to Dogpatch and the arcades and stuff so it was cool. About the hillbilly in the outhouse though, I don't remember him moving, I mean was he really animatronic? I thought he just sat there like a mannequin and yelled. I don't remember moving arms and all that. Maybe he was always broke when I popped in on him?

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great post high-lighting a very cool slice of "Americana".

Corikens mom said...

Yeah Jenna! We love the Lake and try to go there every year at least once. When we are not in or on the water, my kids love to play 10 cent skeeball at Bagnell Dam, grab a frozen lemonade from the little lemon shaped stand or some homemade ice cream from that little ice cream store.....I love that nothing's tradition at its kitschy finest! Also props to Randy's Frozen Custard across from the outlet mall on hwy frozen custard EVER.

Dave said...

I love Jenna on "The Office". She does that part very well. It's always nice to hear a celebrity acknowledge back home. Thanks for sharing.

When I first saw your dam photo I thought it was the one at West Point, GA. It looks very similar to Bagnell Dam. Nothing much to do at West Point Dam though except catch some giant cat fish.

Todd Franklin said...

Steve - You're right, I don't remember the outhouse hillbilly moving.

Corikens mom - Randy's is the best custard at the Lake! Thanks for commenting!

Dave - Bagnell Dam has a few giant catfish tales. I think they get bigger every year. The tales not the catfish.

Atlantis Island Condos said...

Great entry! We are only 3.5 miles from the dam by water and love to stop and play skeeball on the strip.