Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The tradition for a themed Star Wars birthday cake started in 1978 on my 8th birthday. My eight year old eyes were glazed over with excitement when I walked into our dining room to find my birthday presents piled around the coolest cake I had ever seen. No more circus animals, no more clowns, no more dinosaurs - this large chocolate cake had a blazing Star Wars space battle on top.
My grandma created this frosted masterpiece from scratch, drawing the ships and the explosions simply with icing. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos from my 8th birthday. For that matter, there’s not too many photos of my Star Wars birthday cakes except for year 13 and 14.

So we fast forward to 1983 the year Return of the Jedi was released and my grandma stuck with tradition with this nifty Jedi cake for my 13th birthday. She used Star Wars cookies made by Prepperidge Farms as a border.

I’m pictured with one of my oldest and best friends, Jeff Roemer.

Next year for my 14th birthday she made a caked based after the Empire Strikes Back using yummy marshmallow icing over a chocolate cake. Who knew that under all that ice and snow that Hoth was really just moist chocolate cake.

Again I’m pictured with Jeff and this time acting silly as usual. Apparently I’m trying to do my best Gene Simmons imitation. (Probably a good thing that my family wasn’t into photo taking!)


Mike Middleton said...

That last photo needs to be recreated the next time we see Jeff. Happy Birthday by the way. Is the better half going to recreate the 1978 cake?

Mr. Karswell said...

Those are great photos Todd! I never had a Star Wars cake but I did have a KISS cake one year since you mentioned Gene Simmons. Unfortunantly no picture of it exists as far as I know. I do have a picture of a JAWS cake I had one year though, I'll dig it out and send it your way upon unearthing.

So it's your birthday today? Or yesterday? Happy B-Day! Peter Lorre's birthday today too.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - No, but she did make a yummy chocolate cake for me!

Steve - Oh a KISS cake would've been very cool - too bad there's not any photos. I'll look forward to seeing the JAWS cake. Yes the 25th was my Birthday and I didn't know that I shared it with Alex Toth!