Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just learned the sad news that Creig Flessel passed away on the July 17. Flessel was an amazing cartoonist who started out in the comic book biz back in the 1930's. The comic character he’s best known for is the hero with the gas mask and fedora known as the Sandman.

Creig Flessel was a guest at the 1994 Kansas City Comic Convention and this wonderful man made many new fans from telling stories from the comics’ golden age to drawing sketches of Sandman. I was really impressed that all the money made from his sketches he donated to charity. The price for a sketch - whatever a person felt like giving. This is the sketch he did for me and it’s one of my favorite sketches in my collection.

Creig Flessel was blessed with a long and fruitful life and I’m sure he blessed many along the way.

Read Mark Evanier's post about Creig Flessel here.


Mike Middleton said...

You're right NC. He was a great guy and a fantastic artist.

Unknown said...

lovely drawing!