Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I just unearthed an old collection that I kind of forgot about - my soda bottle cap collection. All are pre-1970 and are cork lined. You can view the collection of more than 100 caps by clicking here. I love some of the cool fonts and neat graphics.

You know bottle cap collecting is a super fun collecting idea for kids. For the most part you can find them cheap at antique stores and flea markets. Search ebay for 'em and you'll see you can buy scads of 'em for pocket change with a few exceptions for the rare caps and ones with snazzy graphics. I would think kids would have fun saving caps from modern soda bottles too. There seems to be a lot of brands on the market.


Mr. Karswell said...

Wow Todd, you have some really wonderful bottlecaps here. And you're right, this would make an interesting collectable to get the kid into. And for budding artists these caps display an amazing sense of essential artist design basics (how to fit all the required information about the product onto such a small space), dynamic typography and imagery, and just as importantly--- simple yet totally appropriate color combinations. Obnoxious modern day bottlers could learn alot from these.

I think you just created a new cap collector!

Major Pepperidge said...

These are great!!

Todd Franklin said...

Karswell - Yeah, I love the graphics and how the artists made were able to make a eye catching image on such a small throw away item. Now you'll have something else to look for when scouting thru the antique stores.

Major - Thanks!