Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yep, I'm a happy little camper or maybe I should say happy little X-Wing instead, because the flickr group Growing Up Star Wars that I helped start with my pals Glen Mullaly and Mike Middleton has gone viral!

Star Wars Poster Pic

Digg found us, MetaFilter found us and so did BuzzFeed. Growing Up Star Wars had a nice write up by Simpsons writer Matt Selman on Time Magazine's Nerd World blog! Just a few moments ago I checked in at WWdN: In Exile the always entertaining blog of Wil Wheaton and guess what? He just posted about the group!

Your lack of candy disturbs me . . .

TIE fighter

The group is being flooded with new members and new images everyday! Go check it out and relive some old time Star Wars goodness.

Photos above are from extraheavymarcellus, jher, Wil Wheaton and mgmcinnis.


K0dama said...

sweeeet! You guys deserve a round of applause.

Glen Mullaly said...

And Flickr just featured it on their official blog!

Now if we could only charge each new member a $100 sign-up fee...

Mike Middleton said...

Kudos to you and Glen NC! It's fantastic!!

Savage said...

I was wondering why the picture I had just uploaded last week was getting so many views. This solves it!

I'd been part of the Flickr group for awhile and hadn't added my pic to it. Glad I finally got around to it.

Todd Franklin said...

K0dama & Mike - Thanks!

Glen - Now that would be nice!

Savage - You picked the right time to join and we're glad you did!