Friday, August 21, 2009



Behold! It’s a vintage box of Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box from the late 70's or early 80's.

WOW, I’ve been looking for a Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box all my life and I can’t believe I found it in a thrift store for only eighty cents. Many advanced collectors all over the globe have been searching for this holy grail and I’m sure it could fetch thousands of dollars in the collectors market. I’ve started building a special showcase that will help protect and showoff this amazing find! People from all over the world will come and visit just so they can see the Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box.

I’ve had calls from the Smithsonian and I just heard from the Antiques Roadshow folks that they want me to be a special guest so I can talk about my Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags box!

Oh wait...

Sorry, I just had a bizarro world flash and didn’t mean to type all that. This box should’ve been thrown out years ago. It’s worthless and if it wasn’t for this blog I would be eighty cents richer. But since I needed something for today’s Flea Market Fridays this is what I ended up with. Sad, but true, so let’s try and make the best of it. Ok?

When the microwave was new every Tom, Dick and Harry company was trying to come up with go-along products for the popular radioactive cooking box. Menominee Paper from Menominee, MI jumped on board and created Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags. I have no clue when they stared producing the bags or how long they were in production, but I do know this box makes me chuckle.

My first thought and its the same thought when I see those early giant microwaves - I hope she doesn’t have a poodle in there? I can just see this pretty woman acting like Holly from the Price is Right and then she opens the door to see a frightened cute poodle dog. Then she slams the door shut and her eyes go red and she. . . Oops, sorry. Bizarro world flash again.

Let’s all look at the back of this box -

There’s Jimmy picking his teeth with a piece of pizza. Good thing Jimmy used a Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bag or that piece of pizza would’ve been too soggy to use as a toothpick.

Oh oh! There’s poor mom who’s been slaving away cleaning the microwave. If she had used one of these swell Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags then she would be fresh as a daisy.

Ah good. Looks like mom found microwave wisdom and is now using the Waxtex Microwave Convenience Bags straight from the fridge to the microwave. Way to go mom and you look stunning too!

If anyone would like to buy this box for a crisp $1000 dollar bill, I might be interested. Maybe.


Mr.Macabre said...

I remember those advertised on TV! Aren't they nothing more than wax paper bags? I love the way her life is a disheavled mess with toxic cleaning chemicals and a permanent scowl on her face before these bags, kind of like infomercials of today where your life is a grainy black and white melodrama of suffering and pain until you buy their product!

Heidi Ann said...

You are too funny! Loved this post.
I'm afraid I can't afford any high-priced ultra-valuable collectibles right now.

Really Big Vintage Junk Drawer said...

If I recall it was about 1975 or 76 when my parents brought home the first family microwave. It was one of those HUGE things. Anyhow, I remember my sister and I learning how the micro worked by placing hot dogs inside and seeing how long it took them to literally shrivel up into...well, lets just say they didn't resemble hotdogs at all anymore.