Tuesday, April 12, 2011


People fought and died 150 years ago in the American Civil War. Here’s two young faces from opposing sides.

When I look at these photos, they kind of haunt me. I wonder what happened to these boys? Did they survive? If they did, what kind of life did they live after the war? I’ll never know as there wasn’t any identification with the photographs.

History’s blueprint is there for us to learn from, but it seems in modern times we still have trouble reading the blueprint. Even if they’ve been written in blood, all the dos and don’ts are there from the past waiting to teach us.

(I’ve owned a handful of Civil War photographs that I’ve bought and sold through the years. The flag bearer is the only one I’ve kept. I sold the Confederate photo a few years ago. The first photograph is one that I snapped of a miniature Civil War diorama that’s located in the Missouri State Capital.)

For more info on the Civil War visit civilwar.com.

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Mike said...

The second paragraph is quite gripping. Spoken like a true history teacher!