Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi ya kids! Wow, this year is zooming by and I just realized that there’s only 18 posts on the blog to show for it. Yipes! I better get busy or this mayor just might get voted out of office. Sure, my little imaginary town has had some budget issues and computer shutdowns (computer died) this year, but I’m hoping to get things back on track.

Besides the blog, you might want to follow Neato Coolville on flickr, twitter and facebook if you don’t already. Most content will be linked back to the blog or flickr via twitter and facebook but some content will only be found on facebook and twitter. If you haven’t checked out the Neato Coolville twitter page for a while, it has changed.

Originally I started the twitter page to flesh out the “real” imaginary town of Neato Coolville with daily town reports about the people and places of the town. I wanted to put a more creative spin to NC. (Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that in a different way in the future.) This experiment just didn’t click and now the tweets are regular ol’ tweets from yours truly. I’m now finding out that twitter is like digital dope. Kind of addictive for an info junkie like me. I really like the format and it’s a great way to keep up on things.

If everything works out, next Monday I’ll be starting Recommendation Week.

It’s been forever since the last one. So if I can get my act together you will have a helping heap of neato cool recommendations starting on April 18.

Thanks for your patience and all the support. Now I better come up with something for tomorrow's post.


Stacia said...

You're not the only one overwhelmed by how fast the year has gone. I appreciate anything you get around to posting, so no complaints here!

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks a bunch Stacia!