Thursday, August 18, 2011


I’ve been going through a bunch of my old VHS tapes and finding shows taped off of Nick at Nite back in the 90’s. The channel was a lot of fun when they featured classic TV shows from the 1950‘s to the 70’s. One of my favorite things about the channel were all the clever bumpers and TV spots during the commercial breaks. Go to YouTube and type Nick at Nite in the search. You’ll find tons of ‘em to watch. For fun, I screen grabbed a handful of title cards used in some of these spots. I love the artwork on these!

The titles in the next group were used for specific shows. My favorite might be the cone of silence one from Get Smart!

I uploaded two Nick at Nite marathon events to YouTube the other day. Click Puf-A-Palooza and The Lost Brady to view.


Mike Middleton said...

That Vertavision one is really cool.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome stuff!!! Thanks for posting!

Chevrolet W-Series Turbo said...

Thanks for this post its really interesting i bookmark your blog for future stuff like this..

Anonymous said...

Awesome artwork. I remember almost all of these from watching Nick at Nite when I was younger. I was a devoted viewer, and I remember there being a "Nick at Nite American Tour" that came to our mall in Phoenix. You could go and see memorabilia from the different shows, prop replicas, that kind of stuff. Somewhere in my "archives" (and by archives I of course mean boxes of junk), I still have the collectible brochure I picked up when I attended. I had forgotten all about that. Thanks for taking me back.


Brian WB said...

They also had some tiles for what was on that night, and for the episode description too. Loved those and always wondered who animated them.