Thursday, September 08, 2011


After the D23 Expo, we risked a possible Disney overdose and visited Disneyland.

Sad, but’s always exciting to see the tram drive up! Soon you know that you'll be walking around the happiest place on earth!

We spent the first day at the much improved California Adventure. Wow! This place is really a lot more fun than it used to be.

Soon after we entered the park, we were greeted by Mr. Incredible! Yeah, he kinda gave me a hard time about my Captain America shirt, but eventually he calmed down long enough to pose for a photo.

Our first attraction was the Monster, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

Luckily we didn’t forget our paperwork!

Muppet Vision 3D always makes me laugh and it always makes me feel a little sad too.

It was the last Muppet project that Jim Henson worked on before his untimely passing. Hopefully this show will remain the same and won’t get a makeover after the new Muppets movie comes out.

One of my favorite attractions is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Here’s a bug’s eye view of the tower. No, really. I snapped the photo while standing in A Bug's Land.

Hey look, it’s the mystic seer fortune telling machine from the classic TZ episode Nick of Time! Looks like it hasn’t been used in ages. Anyone got a spare penny?

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is now based after the Pixar movie Up and has an old school camp feel to it.

We didn’t play, but the Bullseye Stallion Stampede looks kinda fun.

At least this boardwalk barker didn’t badger me to win a stuffed animal for the “first lady” like they usually do at the state fair.

Now here’s a big spud of a barker that we saw when we waited in line for Toy Story Mania!

I almost expected Don Rickles to step out behind this Audio-Animatronic Mr. Potato Head.

The “first lady” has nick named Mickey’s Fun Wheel, the Ferris Wheel of Death! She’s not a fan of the swinging gondolas. At least you can get a nice shot of Disneyland.

Hello Space Mountain! Hello Matterhorn Mountain! Hello real mountains!

Just your everyday snapshot of the top of King Triton’s Carousel.

Looks like Cars Land is coming along nicely. I liked seeing all the cool Cars themed advertising that masked the construction site. Click here to watch a video from the Cars Land panel from the D23 Expo.

Probably the neato coolest thing we saw at California Adventure was the Toy Story sculpture zoetrope.

Click here to watch a two minute video about the Pixar designed zoetrope. This masterpiece sure beats the zoetrope I made out of construction paper when I was six years old.

I’ve always wanted to buy all the balloons from a theme park balloon seller and then walk around just handing them out for free. Boy, that would be fun!

Neon Defender as seen in Flynn’s Arcade at ElecTRONica.

I’ll share all my Tron stuff that I spotted on this trip in Part IV of this bloated D23/Disneyland post.

While waiting for the World of Color I made my own world of color! I twisted my camera as I snapped this photo of Mickey’s Fun Wheel for a fun abstract.

Since World of Color opened last year, that’s all I’ve heard about from people returning from California Adventure.

They’re right, it is spectacular!

That’s it from Pixarland uh...I mean California Adventure. Next up, we visit the main attraction, Disneyland!

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