Saturday, December 15, 2012


I found this Christmas photo card earlier in the year and it was tough waiting until the 12 Days of Christmas to finally share it. I'm glad this day is finally here! Hey everyone! Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mars! Sorry they're too busy reading their magazines to wave hello, but it sure is nice of them to wish all of us the happiest Christmas ever. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Mars! You're out of this world!! 

Seriously, why the heck are they reading? If my last name was Mars, I would not be posed sitting and reading for my Christmas photo card. I would go with something a bit more martian. Hmm...maybe I can help out Mr. and Mrs. Mars. 

Give me a minute....

Okay, maybe two minutes....

All done! Now that's better!!

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Unknown said...

Geez I'm Bustin A Gut
This Is Too Damn Funny
Thank You and
Merry Christmas
Love Your Go To Site